• Thematic conception of a new leading product on the topic of “gardens” in collaboration with the writer Folke Tegetthoff
  • Stagings in seven historic gardens in Lower Austria
  • Connection of the different facilities through stories about the gardens and the connecting link “the river Danube”


Donau – Lower Austrian tourism GmbH

Donau Niederösterreich Tourismus GmbH

„The staging concept from eltner marketing services has contributed to our historical gardens along the Danube. They are now being perceived as a coherent touristic offer.”

„What is the use of infinite creativity, limitless imagination and a head full of ideas, if you as an artist stand alone in the cold surf of the ratio and hope to be heard. By someone who understands, who is able to make connections effortlessly and is also a super cool guy. What a pleasure to implement projects with Wolfgang Eltner and his team!”

Folke Tegethoff, Writer